May 19, 2017

Advantages of Embracing 3D Architectural Animation

Architectural animation is a brief digital movie about an architectural construction that includes the entire project, animated people and objects, the site, and other elements in the environment, all of which are generated using 2D or 3D animation. This is unlike architectural rendering, which gives a single image from one point of view. In architectural animation, you are able to generate a series of such images, which are put together to form the video or animation.

The project is presented in a much simpler and clearer way that conveys the relationship between the project and its environment. Architectural animation, therefore, is an effective way to provide stakeholders and designers with a realistic preview of the project and how it should look upon completion.

Improved understanding
Reading a rendered image of a construction could sometimes prove challenging especially if the person who designed the project is not available to explain some details. However, 3D architectural animation allows you to get a glimpse of the building as it would look in real-time. The simulation takes you through all parts of the project and can be used as a reference point when implementing the project, so it is a more reliable way to read the plan.

Enhanced curb appeal
While creating marketing campaigns, you would want to come up with something that can be understood even by those who have never stepped into an architectural design class. This is something 3D animation allows you to accomplish effortlessly. The project is presented clearly with its style and curb appeal showcased in a unique manner. Marketers can use 3D architectural animations in billboards and hoardings as this serves the market better than giving them plain designs that are not explained clearly. You don’t even need to explain a lot since people can walk through the entire plan as the animation plays.

Easy to use
If you are working with people who are less experienced in reading building plans, you could help them implement the right action by following what the 3D architectural animation says the building should look upon completion. No deep understanding of architectural principles is needed to decode the message shared through a 3D animation. It is easier to explain what is expected when a video that mimics the final product is showed to the rest of the workers involved. A video also enhances retention of concepts and allows higher levels of accuracy.

Get approved easily
Many developers are rejected by local governments because of “uncertainty” in their renders. This is one of the mistakes 3D animation helps designers to eliminate so whenever they present their plans before the authorities they are able to get approvals easily. With a good 3D visualization, you are able to gain more confidence that can help you to win approval easily. The visualizations you make using software like Render 3D Quick look realistic and can convince one easily to approve the plan. Accuracy coupled with beauty also gives a strong touch of quality that cannot be ignored easily.