September 6, 2017

Benefits of Embracing 3D Animation And Visualizations in Real Estate

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The construction industry has undergone numerous changes and the introduction of virtual reality revolutionized the entire process of designing and marketing structures. This technology came with many benefits including operational efficiencies and enabling the gaining of maximum cost benefits among users. Marketing in the most effective way is one of the reasons people have embraced this technology, but most important about it is its position in the process of designing and implementing a plan. Here are some of the key benefits that come from embracing 3D animations and visualizations in real estate.

Improved understanding

One of the problems engineers and designers faced in the past was explaining what their design meant, and this was particularly so while working with other people who don’t possess the technical know-how to interpret plans. With 3D visualizations, it’s easy to explain the different parts of a structure and how each will be put together to blend with the rest. This is a more straightforward method of showcasing the design process and ensuring that everyone gets information about the structure. 3D visualizations reflect on critical areas including floors, elevations, landscape, and textures, not forgetting this is an easier way to identify flaws.

Easily get government approval

When presented for approval in the format of 3D animation or visualization, your project stands a higher chance of being approved. This is because with the software used to design the presentation, you are assured to get an accurate design and every part of the structure is clearly visible and easy to interpret. The design is realistic and can showcase many variables with just a single presentation, so you no longer need to keep talking about different measurements and how the environment will be intertwined with the structure to offer efficient management.

Enhanced curb appeal

While marketing, one of the things you want to get right is the curb appeal, because this is the first thing people will look at once you present your project to them. Achieving a curb appeal is one of the things 3D visualizations help you to get, and you are able to push through the marketing process with much more ease. Humans are social beings and one of the ways to capture their attention is by creating marketing scripts that connect them with their environment emotionally, which is something 3D visualizations allow you to achieve seamlessly.

3D walkthrough

Rusty Tweed advises that walkthroughs offered through 3D animations crate an effect in which the viewer is induced to feel physically present inside the building. It allows one to sample different finishes and upgrades as well, and this inclusion of the buyer in the design process also creates a sense of ownership.

Improved operational efficiency

Saving is part of the construction process that you should always prioritize. But how can you do this without sacrificing quality or omitting some important features? This is possible if you choose to use 3D visualizations and animations as you will not need to create hand drawn showcases or modeled presentations on boards. 3D visualizations allow you to use fewer resources and save on most of the costs that come up in the process of designing the structure.