Shaun Barratt is a digital recruiting specialist whose creativity extends well beyond his professional efforts within the digital realm. A deeply respected professional with more than a decade of international experience serving as director in his current endeavor, Barratt is also a passionate craftsman who enjoys working with wood, metal, stone, and just about any other material that can be altered to suit the needs of a particular project through the use of the vast set of tools at his disposal.

Barratt’s unique talents in carpentry and in the metallurgic arts immediately resulted in countless inquiries from friends, family, acquaintances, and anyone else seeking insight regarding the most appropriate or most effective tool for an upcoming project of their own. The frequency of these requests inspired Barratt to create this site for the specific purpose of reviewing all of the tools he had previously utilized in a project for the benefit of anyone who might be interested in learning more about a particular tool or a particular project.

Over the many years since first beginning this pursuit, Barratt has expanded his skill set to include projects requiring stone and other materials, thereby allowing the longtime tool reviewer to expand the tools found in his workshop as well as the subject matter found on his review site. Never intending for the tool review site to become as popular as it has, Barratt has earned the praise of his readership for creating and maintaining a site that aspires to accomplish nothing more than providing access to consistently accurate and exceptionally thorough reviews concerning an incredibly vast array of tools.

Although Barratt, a longtime resident of Melbourne, Australia, who still identifies his home as Auckland, New Zealand, certainly has his own personal preferences regarding specific brands of tools, he has always endeavored to remain objective throughout each and every review he writes while providing readers with insights regarding all of the various scenarios in which a particular tool might prove useful.

When he is not at his office or in his workshop, Barratt enjoys spending his free time by cooking with his wife and their two daughters, reading books on just about any subject, or simply watching the All Blacks. Barratt also enjoys volunteering within the community and has recently started working on a novel loosely based on actual events.