September 30, 2016

Shaun Barratt Bosch Tool Review: Bosch CS20 Circular Saw

As part of a recent series of consumer product reviews conducted by Shaun Barratt, Bosch and its extensive line of tools were analyzed according to several critical factors, including cost, versatility, and effectiveness. In his role as reviewer, Shaun Barratt offered a typically objective analysis that should prove to be of exceptional benefit to any consumer — professional or otherwise — considering an investment in any one of Bosch’s line of tools.

In the parts of the review cited below, Barratt offers his insight and expertise with regard to his experience using the Bosch CS20 Circular Saw. Noting the breadth of the tool’s potential uses, Barratt completed several different projects often performed by amateurs and professionals that typically call for the use of a circular saw. Barratt’s detailed review is therefore appropriate for the wide range of consumers that might be interested in purchasing a circular saw at some point in the near future.


According to the longtime expert in this field, the price point of the Bosch CS20 is “absolutely appropriate.” At an estimated retail value of $150, the saw is indeed something of a bargain when compared to other product options similar to the Bosch CS20. Barratt also pointed out that the weight and the durable outer construction of the saw were actually quite consistent with more expensive tools currently available on the market.


Barratt was impressed with the tool’s versatility, noting that few circular saws available at a price similar to the Bosch saw were capable of performing such a wide range of tasks. The swing-out hook made the saw ideal for construction site use, as the tool could be hung from a rafter with relative ease. The saw is rightly considered a framing contractor’s saw, making it exceptionally durable even under the kind of harsh conditions common to professional work environments.


Citing its relatively light total weight (10 pounds) and its durable outer construction, Barratt praised the ease of use of the Bosch CS20 Circular Saw. The easy-to-read depth and angle markings ensured consistently accurate cuts across all projects, and Barratt was “especially pleased” with the easily adjusted components of the circular saw.

The Final Verdict

Barratt ultimately concluded that the Bosch CS20 was an “unbelievably impressive saw and a complete bargain” at the price of $150. Although he acknowledged that contractors are often beholden to a single brand and are rarely convinced to switch allegiances, the durability, effectiveness, and affordability of this Bosch product offering might change the minds of even the most stubborn professionals.